We offer innovative products and non-standard products in the field of logistics.
 Continuous optimization of production, new technologies and products stimulates the complex and cost-effective development of transshipment techniques. Excellent quality results by certified manufacturing processes, professional installation and maintenance of attention – the key things that have won a good reputation. As we expand, we are looking for new partners and manufacturers to offer new, non-standard solutions and products to the market.


Hydraulic leveler (ramp) aligns the gap the gap between the building and the vehicle. Usually supplied with a loading shelter. The loadings ramps can bee with swing lip or telescopic lip.


Mechanical drawbridge / ramp is suitable for internal and external use of low or medium height between the edge of the ramp and the vehicle alignment.


Vertical dock Vertical hydraulic loading bridge that fills the gap between the vehicle and the warehouse, being possible to open the doors of the vehicle inside the building. Its installation has a lower economic cost and involves less civil works, thus making easier the assembly and the maintenance tasks. Range of movement of more than 90º and allowed transverse incline ± 100 mm. The vertical resting position allows to close the dock door from      the front. Ideal for refrigerated facilities. Platform with non-slip steel studded plate and finishing of polyester epoxy resin in blue RAL 5010. Increased wear resistance. Option in hot-dipped galvanized steel. It includes safety and control systems for easy handling and risk-free functionality. Loading capacity: 6 Tn.

Stationary drawbridge leveller

It is intended for external and internal docks and is used when small and medium height differences between the edge of the dock and the vehicle.

 Mobile container dock plate

Mobile container dock plate (PQM) has been designed specially for container loading/unloading. It is used to compensate the difference in height between the yard and the container bed. The PQM dock plate is made of durable welded steel structure provided with an anti-slip chequer plate. The plate is put at the container by means of a forklift truck.

 Aluminium and fiber glass drawbridge

The loading/unloading PKBS plate is used to bridge (connect) loading spaces of small and medium height difference and can be operated by a single person. It can be moved laterally and when not in use, it is set in the vertical position on the edge of the dock. The furnace has a diameter of approximately 3 to 5 cm and is 2 to 135 mm high.

Inflatable and mechanical dock shelter

It is intended for customers who attach a lot of weight to energy savings and who want to protect their goods against the effects of the weather.

External loading house

The external loading house is a housing system that, combined with the loading ramp, sectional industrial door and the dock shelter, forms a complete docking system that can be attached to the building. Loading houses can be fitted to new buildings as well as to existing ones. They extend the storage space available and at the same time provide the building with thermal insulation. The entire steel frame of the external loading house is hot-dip galvanized. As an additional option we offer the facade items adapted to your buildings.

Mobile yard ramp

The mobile yard ramps are part of the broad range of PROMStahl products. They offer the possibility of loading and unloading trucks, containers or railway wagons directly from yard level. The entire manoeuvring and loading/unloading process can be managed by just one person. These ramps are made of robust welded steel structure, which is suitable for transfer heavy loads. In order to increase operation safety, the ramp is equipped with raised edges on both sides.

The PHFB mobile dock plate

The PHFB mobile dock plate is designed to bridge differences in height of up to about 145 mm. It is made of a durable aluminium alloy with an anti-slip layer. Thanks to its light weight it can be used for a wide range of applications.

Upon request, this mobile dock plate can also be delivered with rolls facilitating transport between different loading areas.

scissors lifts

The scissors lift – has been specially designed for industrial purposes. The lift can be an important part of the production line or be used as an independent workstation. The lifts are equipped with the best quality elements delivered by reputed suppliers of electronic and hydraulic units. All lifts are built on the same principles and are characterized by equally high quality, reliability and durability.

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