• Alfa doors stands out from all the other gate in their design, performance, simplicity and versatility.
  • Alfa doors are reliable and durable.
  • ALFAVARTAI is not just a gates, it is a solution. Your requirements and wishes are always at the heart of the design and production process, so the gate is characterized by individuality and quality.
  • It is now possible even larger sectional doors, up to 12m wide, and also the doors with the mineral wool core (additional protection against fire).
  • NEW-gate extremely resistant to corrosion and aggressive environments with special glass fiber coating and all stainless steel parts.


Energy savings to perfection

With an optimum insulation and a U value of 0.25W/m2k the 80mm ISO panel meets the demands of our Customers who wish to conform to today’s energy saving regulations.

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segmentiniai pramoniniai vartai ISO 80 mm storio

Most papuliar gates

The ISO 40 mm sectional door is Alpha’s most popular door, a modern design that unifies excellent thermal insulation and sound-absorbing qualities in its micro-profiled panels. The choice of design and materials are endless, which means the door can always be perfectly configured to meet your wishes. Numerous types of built-in windows as well as different heights and widths make up the ISO 40 mm range, as well as a wide variety of Alpha’s in-house RAL colours.

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The effective partition between climate zones

ISO 60 mm sectional doors are overhead doors with extra-insulating and sealing properties that are mainly used in locations where the division between different climate zones is important. If you need to keep your production hall or storage area at a constant temperature, the ISO 60 mm door is the right one for you. The micro- profiled steel plate panels have excellent sound- absorbing and heat-insulating properties and they can withstand all the elements.

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segmentiniai pramoniniai garažo vartai

When natural light and visibility matter

In industrial environments, where light and visibility are of paramount importance, the Alpha ALU 40 mm sectional door proves to be indispensable. The door panel of an ALU door consists of multiple sections, and thanks to the custom-sized aluminium profiles, frames can be manufactured that have a very wide range of uses. Be bold and combine transparent, coloured, insulating or air-permeable windows with aluminium cassette panels. Anything is possible.

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The innovative door with even more insulation

The ALU 60 mm sectional door is a modern innovation that excels in terms of design, function and ease of assembly. The 60 mm thick ALU sectional door comes with triple glazing and guarantees excellent heat-insulating, anti-condensation and sound-absorbing properties. It’s the perfect solution for rooms where light, visibility and a constant indoor climate are essential.

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Maximum transparency, natural reflection

The Panorama door is an ALU door available in 40 mm or 60 mm versions. What makes the door so special is that panels do not have vertical dividers, providing a wide panoramic view. The high-quality Plexiglas is extra thick and extra strong, hardly distorts and it looks just like real glass. All these features result in the windows being naturally reflective and looking highly attractive.

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Sectional gates for residential

The sectional garage door is made up of panels that combine excellent thermal insulation and sound-deadening properties with modern panel styles. These qualities make the sectional garage door hard to beat in terms of performance and appearance. There is an extensive choice of vision panels, window elements and RAL colours. Alpha sectional garage doors are fully compliant with the EN13241-1 norm.
This high quality sectional garage door looks particularly attractive in modern residential home designs.

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The rock wool sectional door Mineral-Secc® is a door instended to operate in places having high temperatures, where the polyurethane panels are not appropiate or where polyurethane is not allowed. Thanks to its characteristics it can be used as flame-arrester door.

This model consists on an internal aluminium structure, filled with rock wool and covered on both sides with lacquered steel sheet; and it is compensated by springs having the same lifting and operating system that a standard sectional door has.

These sectional doors, appropriate for fruit ripening and having a tight and effective locking, are of a superior range to ensure the correct food processing. Thanks to the high-quality insulating materials with which it is manufactured and that provide a superb guarantee for the fruit cooling and ripening, the Ripening Secc door ensures the control of special factors regarding temperature, humidity, cleanliness or heat conditions and provides a greater sealing to the gas.

This model is made with the side of galvanized steel and intermediate hinges of stainless steel. It always includes a window of double acrylic acting as an emergency exit. With the track of special design, there is no need to build additional door frames, because in most cases a levelling surrounding the opening is sufficient.

The sectional door Fibersecc Inox has been designed for industrial use and it is the perfect door to be installed in the exterior, in highly corrosive environments or marines zones like fish markets, because it is made to withstand extreme corrosion conditions. It stands out for being a light door, very resistant to impacts and easy to clean.

It is manufactured with compounded insulating panels, kind of sandwich, of polyester and fiberglass. Its inside finishing consists on stuffed polyurethane foam, and its exterior finishing is with Gel Coat overlay. It is available in various standard colours. On the other hand, the guides and the accessories are manufactured in stainless steel 316 and, depending on the kind of elevation, it can be provided with a manual or automatic system of weight compensation with springs, or automatic system of weight compensation without springs, ensuring a longer life with much less maintenance.

Optionally, this door can be equipped with one or two low panels including an anti-shock and self-correcting system in order to ensure higher resistance to the usual impacts in such facilities.  Or even to install panels equipped inside with metal meshes (burglar-proof).